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Let It Rain

"... ye shall be my witnesses ..." - Acts 1:8

Let It Rain

Let It Rain - Men Missionary Union of Nigeria Real Man Magazine

Michael W. Smith, the songwriter sang, “open the floodgates of heaven, let it rain.” This song is most appropriate to introduce us to the Congress edition of the Real Man Magazine. Another song that captures this our corporate prayer in this Congress season is that of Sonnie Badu, “open the floodgates in abundance, and cause your rain to fall on me”. Both songs vividly capture the essence of the MMU theme for 2017 and the focus of this year’s Annual Congress in Lokoja. At a time when the economy of our nation is biting hard due to the prolonged recession, and when wickedness seems to have gotten to a record high in our society, we need to pray for the heavens to be opened and visions to be released on the way forward for our Country just as it happened with Ezekiel (Ezekiel 1:1). Also, we need the rains of abundance for bountiful spiritual and physical blessings as Christian men to be able to impact our generation for the Lord. Having had series of teachings on this subject matter throughout the year, we believe that the Annual Congress will be a climax of our experience of rain and this will be accompanied with concrete evidence of testimonies. It is on this note that we welcome you to this Congress edition of Real Man Magazine with the theme “Let It Rain!” We again appreciate all our regular and guest contributors as well as all our men who find time to read this great magazine. In line with the rebranding effort of the MMU of Nigeria, the magazine is being positioned to minister not only to the needs of Baptist men but men in general. We are thus working to make the magazine more appealing to all men, including those outside the Baptist denomination. Consequently, some changes have been reflected in the structure of the magazine in this edition to broaden its reach. We are glad that the magazine now has an ISSN, which gives the MMU of Nigeria an exclusive copyright. We appreciate the National Coordinator, Pastor F.A.S. Akinola and his team for their efforts to secure the number. It is gratifying to note that the MMU of Nigeria is celebrating 40 years of ministry this year. This Congress edition of the magazine therefore gives considerable space to the celebration.

Once again, we welcome you to this exciting edition of Real Man Magazine and we pray that you will be blessed reading this edition. Please get copies for your friends and colleagues to bless their lives. Let it rain!

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